Is there hope for Cataracts

You may have seen the articles in the daily newspapers a few months ago on Lanosterol and Cataracts where Dr Kang Zhang used seven breeds of dog that are naturally prone to cataracts including black Labrador Retrievers, Queensland Heelers and Miniature Pinschers as well as rabbits in his research.
Although more research has to be done, perhaps there will a product at the end of it not only for humans but dogs as well.


The AHT are currently undertaking a study for Labradors aged over 8 years, to test for HC and also take DNA samples of those dogs tested. I took my two oldies along yesterday and approx 45 dogs were brought along to take part in the study.


Tarimoor thanks for posting. The only way forward is for owners to participate, that seems like a good turnout to me.

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