Lack of Water in Dog Foods

Caroline Griffith, the crucial link between inflammation and the lack of water in dog foods.

very interesting, my dog could not cope with dry food, as he has a sensitive tummy perhaps this is just as well, from reading this. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for posting the link Seaweed. It is interesting information. She doesn’t mention it but I assume that she is proposing raw or maybe fresh cooked food is preferable.

An interesting read, thank you Seaweed. I didn’t realise that histamine was produced if water was lacking. I wonder if the same is true of humans. That may well explain some of the rise of allergies and auto immune conditions. Fizzy, dehydrating drinks often seem to be the favoured drink for a lot of younger people today. I always worried about the effect on the kidneys of dry food but it seems the problems could run deeper.

When I used to feed dry extruded kibble I always used to have it swimming in water.

Having seem solid kibble vomited up hours after feeding my dog on more than one type of same I personally would not choose to feed it long term.

If I ever step away from raw complete my choice would be cold pressed, freeze or air dried over dry extruded.