Large sized biscuits of dry complete foods? Fussy dog help!


I have a male cockerpoo who is 17 months old and incredibly fussy with food. I’m currently ISO recommendations for a quality dry complete which has good sized large biscuits. When he was on raw food he was also having Natures Menu Mighty Mixer biscuits and those were a good size - any of the small kibbles he just ignores, or at least it’s hard to get enough of the food into him to make a decent portion.

He’s currently 12kg and the vet and our behaviourist think he should be nearer 14kg, but this has been a battle for over a year now. We’ve done raw, wet complete, dry complete, wet and dry mix, toppers… it doesn’t help that it has to be grain free/wheat free, and a lot of the ones I’ve seen suggested to try only come in enormous bags which is not viable if he’s going to eat one meal and then turn his nose up.

He doesn’t get a load of treats/human food, we’ve tried ensuring it’s his own food or nothing and he’ll go a solid three days without eating if you let him, and we do ‘beat the bowl’ style feeding games as per our trainer’s suggestion (much more pleasant now we’re not using raw!) but any other ideas would be gratefully accepted.