Dog Mixers - large sized chunks?


hoping someone can help me please. I am looking for dog mixers (just the square/round type - like the pedigree mixer, for example), but in larger chunk sizes. Do they exist? Not looking for one that has lots of different sizes, just the mixer biscuit. looking at them to be 10mm+.

Thanks in advance,


Hello and welcome to the forum. I can’t really help you with your query because I don’t use mixers. I once bought the Natures Menu Mighty Mixer because I liked the recipe. It was seriously crunchy but I am not sure whether it would fit your criteria regarding size.

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Thanks Dottie. Not quite what I was after to be honest, but appreciate the response.

Really looking more at the more traditional mixer type biscuits, just bigger.



Have you looked at laughing dog? They do various mixers. I’ve never tried them so I’m unsure of the size of the pieces.

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I haven’t. Will take a look. Thank you.