Size of the Kibble

I am trying to wean my dog off of Pedigree Vital. The problem I am having is the size of the pieces and texture.
My dog is quite small, but a full set of teeth!! He likes to crunch his food.
I have tried Akela, too small and too hard. Vets Kitchen are the right texture but again too small.
Does anyone make a dog food with the larger pieces like Pedigree Vital Adult? With better nutrional content?

Hello and welcome Tiana,
I haven’t had much experience of kibble but when I first had my dog, she was on Markus Muhle cold pressed food. This was a big kibble size but not too hard as it isn’t baked. She did very well on it. Sorry I can’t help more but hopefully somebody else might be able to suggest something.

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Hello Tiana - welcome to the forum. I am sorry that I cannot help you with regards to kibble size. The problem is that there are so many different products, all with different denseness and size of kibble. I tend to concentrate more on the type and quality of the food rather than kibble size but I know that quite a few people like to hear their dogs crunch. I am currently giving my youngest a little bit of small breed kibble in the evening and she still crunches it so maybe the size is not so important with some dogs.

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Hello Dottie, its not me who wants the larger pieces, it is my dog. I have tried putting a few pieces of his Pedigree in the bowl with Vets Kitchen which is similar texture, but he picks out the Pedigree first every time and spits out the small Vets Kitchen. I know he likes the Vets Kitchen because when I bit it (yes I know but I wanted to show him that he could crunch it) he ate the bits. I just want him to have better quality food which he likes.

Akela is available in three kibble sizes Tiana.

Why not order some samples? Most decent companies will send you a sample for minimal cost.

Eden I know do two different sizes of kibble and I think Simpson’s is a decent size but not sure on hardness factor. And as I’ve never seen Pedigree I’ve nothing to compare against!

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