Lungworm is in the news more and more and can and has taken dog’s lives. I myself recently heard of two puppies losing their lives through Lungworm. offer a worm count service including a Lungworm screen.


Thank you for raising this important issue.
For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, the disease is acquired by the dog eating the larvae of the lungworm parasite. These are present in slugs and snails but the dog does not have to eat the molluscs - it can be ingested by the dog eating the grass or drinking the water where they have been. Even toys left out can be a hazard. Peak time is spring and autumn. The good news is that the disease is preventable by routine treatment so it is worth speaking to the veterinary surgeon about suitable medication.

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Worth noting that both above links are to Bayer websites & that Bayer have a significant footprint in the market of worming & flea prevention products.

I use currently use advocate flea treatment and wormer spot on (recommended monthly) plus droncit tape wormer (3 monthly), albeit mindful that some owner prefer to look into alternative products, holistic flea control options &/or service providers that analyse stool samples for worms.

Always worth reading articles, opinions as well as reading up on pro’s/con’s & of course product info & literature.

It should be noted that with advocate I believe that when administered the wormer aspect acts as if treating a dog to rid of worms whereas the flea aspect acts to control as well as treat these parasites.

I believe that Milbemax (not believed a bayer product) should not be given at same time as ( or within a certain period of) Advocate as the dog can allegedly be ovordosed. Also advantix (flea treatment only but combats lime disease found on deer & carrried by parasites) also made by bayer has an ingredient also found in the advocate. (a prior vet of mine did NOT know this)

Not going to make personal recommedations as I am very aware of the potential consequences of things going wrong re inadequate, imroper or even excessive protocols.

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It is very difficult with worm and flea treatments as with vaccinations. As you say it is sensible to try and find out as much as you can then make a decision. I always make sure I leave a gap of at least 3 weeks between flea and worm treatments.

It is worth contacting Verm-X directly with any concerns over Verm-X and Lungworm or other.
Vet, Nick Thompson on Lungworm (2012)