Pet detoxification

Here’s an interesting article from Dr Karen Becker - this time she is discussing pet detoxification.

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Lots of food for thought there.

I have to say I struggle with the water. I got a filter but it seems to be less desirable than unfiltered for some reason. The bowl often remains untouched. She seems to have her fill from wherever I am washing her feet. ::slight_smile:

I have read Dr Becker’s articles before but not this particular one. While I can understand, and agree with some of her advice, it does concern me somewhat. I feel that dog ownership should be about companionship and fun. I agree with feeding dogs the best food you can afford, giving them exercise and just simply enjoying each other’s presence. I wonder if all this advice creates some degree of anxiety in the average pet owner. As an example, I have been giving my dogs tap water for 40+ years with no worries. Now I read that I’ve been doing it all wrong and should be filtering it. She might be right, but as I don’t have a filter and don’t want one, it creates conflict. I think we should do our best for our furry pals but try not to go OTT with talk of ‘toxins’ etc.

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