Miniature schnauzer adolescent behaviour

Hi everyone

My miniature schnauzer is now eight months old. He’s completed the good dog citizen introduction, bronze and has his silver test on Saturday!

On the whole he is well behaved however he has his moments.

He’s started getting very aggressive when he’s been playing for a while. For example he’ll jump up at me and clamp my leg to hump it. When I try to shake him off he gets very wound up growling and jumping at me and nibbling me.

I’ve started putting him into a sit straight away to break him away. Sometimes this works sometimes not. I’ve tried mouthing him with my hand over his snout and when really bad gripping the scruff of the neck. This breaks him but he doesn’t really seem bothered.

He will stay when put in a down stay. Is it cruel to leave him in a stay for more than say ten minutes? I always worry that I need to break him out of it.

Is it okay to leave him in a stay for longer.

Any tips or advice would be great. I’m not planning on having him castrated.


When our rescue exploded into our lives, she was estimated to be 3 but very much a pup in terms of her behaviour. She would bounce off the walls mouthing everything in sight including us and at times I was walking around with a small terrier hanging from my pyjamas!

We withdraw any bit of flesh that was mouthed and ignored her, turning our backs on her. She mostly got the message. When we couldn’t ignore the behaviour, she was put in the kitchen behind the stair gate for time out. We would only leave her a minute or two. Sometimes she would go right back into the behaviour when let back in so she would go straight back until she stopped. It took a bit of time but eventually she stopped :smiley:

Thanks for that…i forgot all about time outs. I did buy a gate which is at my in laws… I’ll get it back, it would actually be really useful a day I’ll try that.

I think it’s just his age but I don’t like that behaviour.

As mini schnauzer owner I know what you mean. My boy was never and still isn’t into humping but did go through adolescence thinking he could do exactly as he wanted. Which of course with a breed which can be stubborn is a battle.

I’d start looking for trigger clues as to when he’s going to tip over the edge then you can stop the play before he becomes over excited, ending in good behaviour.

My boy is intact he was at his worst from around 8-15mths. We had to keep going over basic training. His thing was obsession with wanting to go over to other dogs when out and about. It was just before he turned 2 years when he seemed to turn into an adult almost overnight and started to stop and think things through rather than literally running on instinct.

Thanks for that, reassuring to hear. Since I posted this the humping has pretty much stopped
His thing now is feet biting when you try to go down the stairs… He does make me laugh.

We have some one on one training on Friday for his excitement towards other dogs which hopefully will help.

Love him to bits :slight_smile: