Mountain Cur

Hi, we have a 21 month old Mountain Cur, none of the websites we’ve used, even this one recognise his breed. Does anyone know of any other Cur’s in the UK.
He’s currently on Natures Menu Country Hunter, Wainwrights Grain free trays and Wellness Core Grain Free.
trying to find an alternative to the Core as he sometimes pushes it around his bowl, but a Grain Free, Low Carb mixer/dry is proving hard to find.

Hi Lee!

Although I have heard of the Mountain Cur, I’ve never actually met one so it’s great to have you on the forum! How have you found the breed so far?

Low carb mixers are certainly few and far between since mixers are usually meat free and therefore tend to lean heavily on carbs.

Low carb, grain free, dry complete foods, on the other hand, are available from various manufacturers. You can use the ‘nutrient levels’, ‘processing’ and ‘properties’ filters on the dog food directory to find foods that might fit the bill. For breed, just select ‘medium breed’ or ‘large breed’ depending on your boy’s weight.

Hope that helps!