New Cane Corso Puppy

Hello All, I am a new member just signed. I would like some advice please. I am about to collect my new Cane Corso puppy, he will be 9 weeks old and weighs approx 8kg . He will clearly grow quickly and largely and so would appreciate any advice on the best food to feed him to aid this level of growth.
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Maybe read the links below…(if not seen already).

As for “the best” …What is best for one owner & dog might not best suit another owner & dog.

Best food type, puppy food, raw, complete, cold pressed, dry extruded kibble, hypoallergenic, protein level etc etc ?

Local availability, sourcing cost, sourcing time & storage might be factors too.

Many of us feed different foods to one another for various reasons.

I would probably point you towards foods rated on here 3.5 out of 5 or above. I feed well rated raw complete products but still have brand preferences. If I had toddlers in the house I might think again unless being stricter on hygiene precautions Maybe also consider decent quality cold pressed foods. I am not a fan of most dry extruded kibbles, not least for relative lack of appeal for the dog, but also the time required for many to break down inside the dogs gut plus other factors.

Feeding amounts & number of feeds per day are factors. Product guidelines are just that…look at dog body
condition (rib coverage) and output ( loose stools often mean too much food per sitting or daily but could mean the specific food is not suiting the pup)

I suggest spreading daily food intake over 4 meals initially for an 8 week pup. Don’t forget pups eat a higher percentage of food relative to body weight…Also larger dogs tend to eat a bit less. I would feed yours probably 6% (raw complete) or a bit more of dog bodyweight per day whereas smaller dogs can demand more…perhaps up to 9%.

Some thought required as with larger breed pups you need to be a bit more careful not to over feed.

Despite all the above you could spend hours researching only to find your chosen food doesn’t suit your pup or the pup rejects it at the bowl…do your research but try not to be too blinkered.


Hello and welcome to the forum. As Coaster has said, more information would be helpful. Please let us know the name of the food that the breeder gave you when you picked him up. It might not need to be changed if it is a good quality product. Do not make any changes until puppy is properly settled and if you do choose to give something different, transition slowly to the new product.

We have a thread here about what to look for when selecting a suitable product to feed your dog. We also have a few threads about feeding large and giant breed puppies - one of those threads is here. Similar topics appear at the bottom of the thread or you can use the search box at the top of the Board Index to find them.

The Dog Food Directory is a good place to start when selecting a food. You can use the filters at the side to narrow down the search. Ask if you need help with this or any other advice.

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