New puppy food (imperial)

Hi all, I have recently bought a new french bulldog puppy and the breeder is feeding them Imperial puppy plus dry food, Has anyone used or know anything about this brand as it’s quite uncommon. I was thinking about sticking to the same food but would like any info on if possible?

Cheers Scott

Hi Scott
Looking at their website the puppy plus doesn’t give a breakdown of the ingredients used.
For that reason I’d be wary and go for a food where all ingredients are listed.

Protein 30%
Fats 24%
Cellulose 2,5%
Ash 7,5%

Seems to me to be a lot if fat in that dry food? I’m assuming that it is extruded?
Does anyone know what STQ means?

Are you in the UK Scott, if so there are plenty of great choices. Sorry I can’t be more help as I homecook for mine.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I assume this is the website of the Imperial food you refer to. If so, it is not a UK company and I know nothing about it. As Anita has said, the ingredient list doesn’t appear to be on the website (unless I have missed it) so if you would like to provide the exact list from the packet we would be able to check it using the Instant Review Generator. Alternatively you could do this yourself.

Clear labelling is the first rule for selecting a dog food. You might find this thread helpful. There is also a lot of advice on this website about how to select a good quality product. The Dog Food Directory is also helpful.

It is generally thought to be good practise to keep puppies on the food they are accustomed to until they are settled and to introduce new food gradually.


I would agree with Anita, if a company does not say what is in the food then be wary.
I would keep the puppy on the food until he or she is settled in your new home ,and then think about changing the food to some thing that does say what is in it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reponses. I haven’t yet collected the puppy as not 8 weeks til next week so I haven’t got the dog food yet to check labelling. Yes Dottie that was the website and the only company I can find who sell it is in ME10 in Kent.

Will do as you all suggest and gradually introduce new food.

Thanks for the help

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