Picky eater

Help, my 10month old border collie is driving me nuts .
I give him a mix of Harrington’s complete and raw Natures menu, he doesn’t get lots of treats other than when training . Frodo won’t eat breakfast most days, never eats at lunchtime and often won’t eat his evening meal, so some days he just doesn’t eat . As he’s still growing I’m starting to worry that he’s not getting what he needs . Any ideas ??? :crossed_fingers:

How they do worry us at times.

If he were mine I’d want to check over him carefully to help to eliminate any physical reason as to why he is not eating his meals. This may be down to a painful area in his mouth for example.

It would also be prudent to absolutely check that the formulae and ingredients have not changed in the usual food he eats. I’ve had a dog with a sensitive tummy who knew before I did when recipes were altered… :frowning:

Your topic heading may of course tell the whole story! It may be he has decidedly gone off of a particular taste, a smell or texture of the food he has in front of him, for no more obvious reason, other than he has.