Picky Saluki rescue help! high-calorie or fattening foods that might help get her weight up

Hey there,

I’m reaching out for some advice on my 2.5-year-old Saluki rescue. I’m trying to help her put on some weight, but she’s quite picky when it comes to food. I know Salukis tend to be naturally slender, but she’s still underweight despite being checked out by the vet and having normal blood work. She’s happy and energetic, but she’s just painfully thin. Any recommendations on high-calorie or fattening foods that might help her bulk up a bit? Thanks so much for your help!

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You will be able to see ribs, spine and pin bones on a young Saluki, don’t panic! You could try making some home-made food for him to add to his kibble - I cook up pasta, rice, veggies and add meat (cheapo mince/ sardines/ whatever).

I’ve found with Saluki’s previously they can’t eat that much in one go so instead of two feeds a day, I’m giving her four (breakfast, lunch, tea and a late supper) and overall she’s eating much more like this and is slowly gaining weight.

Good luck.