Pureed dog food for a dog with Pyloric Stenosis

Hi, my dog has pyloric stenosis so has to have all her food cooked and pureed in a nutribullet. She is fairly uninterested in food and often refuses it.

Recently she had bloat and had to have her spleen removed, she went off food afterwards and the vet gave us some Royal Canin sensitive canned food, which she absolutely loved and wolfed down.

It is fairly un lumpy, I mashed it with lots of water before feeding and it seems to be staying down. It was so good to see her enjoying food so much (and nice not to have to spend time cooking and pureeing!)

I am not a huge fan of the food, it smells pretty awful and seems very processed. I thought as she is rather skinny that it might be an idea to find a wet food that she likes and build her up a bit, but I don’t know which of them are very lumpy and have bits of vegetables in the and which are a more pureed consistency. Can you advise? I spoke to the Butternut people but they don’t do pureed food unfortunately as I like the sound of the product.

She is a 5yo Rhodesian Ridgeback weighing between 28 and 30 kg normally
She is very active, runs and hunts a lot, very lazy in between.
She usually eats minced pork/beef or tuna/pilchards pureed with a mixture of cooked vegetables with seaweed powder and glucosamine and fish/olive oil. We puree it to a smooth texture with water.

She can’t tolerate raw food or kibble (even if it is soaked and mashed up)

Thanks for your help

Someone on another forum mentioned Burns Penlan moist food - can anyone tell me what the texture is like?

Hello and welcome to the forum. In the past I have given Burns Penlan Farm to my dogs. It can be a bit lumpy in the pouch. I think you would probably have to mash/break it up with a fork or even blend it. Some wet foods e.g. Forthglade come in a pâté form and can be mashed up - would that be smooth enough? Have you looked at the cold pressed foods? They wet down very nicely to the consistency of your choice - link. Also the air/freeze dried foods might be worth looking at e.g. Pure.

I second Dottie’s suggestion about cold pressed food. Guru in particular suggest you can add warm water to their food to moisten it; having fed this before to my dog it does give it a paste like consistency. If you go to the feeding guide on the Guru Pet Food website there’s a section “how to mix with water” which will show you how it looks but you can add slightly more water to make it smoother.

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Thanks for your replies - much appreciated

I like the sound of the forthglade wet food - I will ask them how smooth it is I think, any lumps of veg etc just come straight back up!

Is the packaging plastic do you know? Trying not to use it…

The cold pressed food sounds interesting too - do you know is it very soft when soaked or still grainy? She doesn’t get on with grainy sadly

Forthglade is not lumpy - it is smooth when mashed up with a fork. You can sometimes see tiny pieces of carrot and/or peas but they can easily be picked out if you are concerned about it. They come in a plastic tray sealed with a clear plastic cover. They also have a cardboard sleeve. The trays are recyclable by some local authorities - link.

Regarding cold pressed food, it can be wet down to the consistency of your choice. A porridge like mixture might suit your dog. Recently my dog had throat surgery and I didn’t need to change food post op because I soaked her cold pressed food. I made it into little soft balls by soaking it to a paste and rolling it with my hands. I also coated them in flaked white fish and they looked like coconut chocolate truffles! I use the brown rice version and have not found it grainy.

Hi, a quick update
I asked Forthglade if they thought it would be suitable and they said yes
Tried her on a little yesterday and she vomited immediately but I thought it was because she gobbled it down so fast. She ate it again (yuck) and then was fine.
Gave her a small amount last night too, mixed in with her normal food
Oh dear
At 3am I was cleaning the bedroom carpet for an hour (she is sleeping upstairs atm as has had an operation and is wearing a cone)
I put her downstairs and this morning she vomited again twice, there were lumps in it.

So back to the drawing board!
It looked ok, a few tiny lumps and I mashed to a soupy consistency with water. It clearly doesn’t agree with her though

Oh dear, what a shame. Forthglade has high meat content and perhaps it was too much for your dog. Some need very tiny steps when transitioning. Have you contacted any of the cold pressed food companies? Gentle, Guru and Tribal are all UK ones.