My dog Bramble - (I had had her for 5 weeks now, she is from a shelter) is obsessed with drinking rainwater I have bowls and a birdbath outside for birds which I keep clean but she drinks it all. I keep her water bowls clean and I change her water very frequently during the day. Is this normal ? Does rain just taste better? she drinks out of my friends wildlife pond - as does her cat by the way they both walk past water bowls to drink from the pond, and she drinks out of puddles as well.

I don’t know why dogs prefer water from puddles but my two do this regularly. My patio collects one or two puddles when it has rained and despite them always having a fresh bowl of water they invariably have a drink from the puddles when they go out to the garden to toilet.

I often think it is because it is more aerated due to the splashing. My dog likes rainwater but also loves water fresh from the tap with one of those aerators on it and will go straight to the bowl.

My dog seems to prefer rain water too. I don’t let her drink from puddles by the road side in case they have any car fuel or antifreeze in. Something to be wary of when the gritters have been out too. However I don’t worry too much if we are away from the road.

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