I’ve just joined with my ten yr old whippet, Bertie. He’s enjoying the weather, probably because we bought a fan!

Hello Sunferra (and Bertie) and welcome to the forum!

We have been discussing ways to keep our dogs cool in the heat of the summer, which is no easy feat… and your mention of using a fan is absolutely appropriate today as this is one of the hottest June days on record in parts of the UK!

(That is a lovely photo of your Bertie, he looks like he is smiling, bless him).

Thank you Meg. It has been really hot here. Bertie also enjoys the cool tiled floor in the kitchen. My daughter has a rottie ( big softie) and she has a ‘hot’ water bottle, except it’s cold and wrapped in a towel. I hope all is well with you.

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Hello and welcome to the forum,
A cold water bottle sounds like a great idea especially for dogs who don’t like to chew. I fear my dog would nimble through it quite quickly :-\

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Yes, my old lab would rip it I’m sure!