Hot weather warning !

Just a quick reminder for owners to take care in hot weather.

Took a call from a colleagues family member re my colleagues dog taken ill due to hot weather today…currently on a drip overnight for more fluids.

Please be careful folks…I am a firm advocate of frequent & meaningful dog walking but not in extreme heat. Also encourage water…some crumbled treats in same can sometimes do the trick.

Hopefully no need for reminder re leaving dog in cars in warmer weather.


Thanks for this timely reminder Coaster and so sorry to hear how the hot weather has affected your colleague’s dog.

Surfaces, like pavements, directly in the hot sun (yet also with shade) can get particularly hot, as do asphalt surfaces which are quite often used on driveways.
I have read of one way to determine if the pavement is too hot for a dog to be walked on is to place the back of your hand onto it and if your hand is feeling uncomfortable after 5 seconds (or less!) then it is far too hot for your dog’s paws. I agree with this yet the results may differ with varying pain thresholds! So some degree of common sense needs to be used and if there is any doubt then it’s wiser to leave the walk.

It would clearly be less harmful for a dog to go completely without a walk, rather than risk injuring paws walking on hot surfaces. An alternative is to walk a dog when it is cooler and I’d advise at this time of year to always carry water with you for dogs, on every walk, just in case your dogs are showing any signs of overheating.

There is an article here with 12 signs your pet dog (or other pet) may be overheating:
Signs my pet is overheating


Thanks for the share…my colleagues’ dog back nome ok albeit a little subdued which is understandable.

thanks for sharing it