Daily dog chat

On my own forum (a doggy one of course) we have a little natter each day in our ‘Daily Chatter’ thread. It’s well used and we gossip about all sorts of things but never politics, race or religion. I just thought it might be helpful to have a similar thing on this forum to break the ice so to speak; I do hope that new members will join in.

I’ve had a very doggy weekend with two nice walks yesterday - one in the woods and one at the local country park. This morning I’ve been to a super little pet shop that specializes in raw feeding. I am brand new to all this and it was great because the lady was really helpful. She gave me plenty of good advice and asked me to go back with my dogs to have them weighed and to discuss it a bit more. I really like the facility on the new AADF website that points you in the direction of these super little shops. Hopefully it will help steer folk away from the pesky supermarket pet stands.
How has your weekend been? Plenty of walks or just chilling out?

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My weekend has also had a very canine air. I live (most f the time) in Helsinki, Finland where my 11 month Border Terrier, Ned and I are blessed with plenty of forest and dog parks very close by. He’s growing up fast now and as he approaches adulthood his character is calming and maturing almost daily. His training is coming on well but we’re still struggling a little with recall when he encounters another, equally energetic dog to play with. He’s just so friendly!

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We had quite a lazy day on saturday, as we had been to the beach for a short break and had done some very long walks. We had a long walk in the woods on Sunday. Muffin seemed as energetic as usual.

We have also been shopping for raw food but went for natures menu. Sadly there are no stockists of nutriment near me.

Good morning. What a cloudy dismal Monday it is here in my area of the UK. My lot have had their walk - I have to push myself to get out in the mornings these days.
@Tinyplanets - that sounds like a lovely day and I am sure that the Natures Menu will do Muff the world of good.
@admin - how wonderful Finland sounds. I have never been there but the open spaces would be a big hit with me. My favourite walks are in woodland. I’m a bit too old to emigrate though. :frowning:
Wishing you a pleasant day and start to the week.

Had an amusing (and sort of food related) moment on my walk with the greedy little Cav today. He’s been delighted recently to discover that tasty fruit has been appearing on the ground below the hedgerows as the heavy crop of blackberries has been dropping, and has taken to snatching them and gulping them down - leading to some alarmingly purple poos on occasion.

Well today he got a bit of a shock when he snatched a sloe instead and discovered that not all fruit is sweet. Cue much spitting and spluttering. Hopefully that’ll teach him a little more caution.

;D That was so funny! It’s a good job the sloes hadn’t been used to make gin - he would have had a headache! LOL Took two of mine for a nice walk this afternoon. Met my friend (who also has a Cairn) at a local lake. We had a saunter around and a nice little sit down on a bench where we chatted and watched the water fowl pass by. It was lovely. This got me thinking - all my friends are dog lovers except just one. There must be something about them that brings us all together. That has got to be a good thing. :slight_smile:

This morning I was up early and listening to the results of the referendum in Scotland. It occurred to me that those of us who own native Scottish breed dogs have a daily and tangible reminder of our close connection with the country. I’m grateful to those Scots who bred our gorgeous dogs and in doing so have given us so much pleasure. Politically, I hope that all sides can now work together and reach some consensus in the way forward. :slight_smile:

Hi Dottie
Yes this is a great point!
I am happy about the outcome too!
Louise :smiley: