Raw Fed GSD Breeder

Hi all, can anyone recommend a GSD breeder who feeds raw?

Many thanks Paula

Hi are you asking about a raw feed breeder because you are looking for advice about raw feeding your GSD or because of something else.? I saw from your previous post you dog has severe allergies. I am not sure how old he/she is.
I raw feed my two girls who are a bit smaller than your dog they are Shih Tzu’s. I have raw fed them for several years and can honestly say the best thing I ever did for them. I did recently try them with a cold pressed food but hasn’t worked out.
If it is advice you are looking for I would suggest that you speak to one of the suppliers. Although I have never used them myself I have heard a lot of very good things about The Dog’s Butcher in Newton Abbot and her website is full of very useful information. I tend to buy ‘completes’ from Wolf Tucker.
In my opinion I think raw maybe the answer to looking for food to help with your dogs allergies.

Many thanks Lottie for your reply. We are actually looking for a GSD puppy at the moment. I’m a massive GSD lover having had the breed for nearly 30 years. Dasha is my 5th GSD and we lost our old girl recently. I’d like to try and find one from a raw fed breeder this time around. I live in the south east of Ireland in the country but may be willing to travel for the right puppy.

Thanks again


Ooh have I got the posts mixed up.? Probably the best place to look for a puppy would be the GSD breed Club’s website . They will have a puppy co-ordinator who will be able to guide you in the direction of a good breeder and hopefully one who raw feeds too.