Hi Guys - my 6 month old GSD is scratching constantly - he is on a raw diet at the moment - well we have been to the vets and they did the Mange test and this has proved a waste of time and money but they said had to be done so could elimnate. - After speaking to them they have suggested doing an elimination diet of either cooked pork and potatoes or a dry food and suggested Wafcol salmon and potato - alternatively and may not work is blood and dermotology but this would cost close to £1000.00…looking for some help if anyone has been in a similar situation…any suggestions on similar dry food brands that are hypo allergenic dry food? The vet said that Wafcol was recommended by dermatologists - Many thanks John

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please can you let us know which raw food you have been using and the meat source/s that you have tried? Also, have you been giving your dog anything else besides the raw food? This is important because when an elimination diet is started it needs to be with a novel protein i.e. one that the dog has never had.



Kaiser is fed on Bulmers minces also duck/turkey necks - was on chicken wings from Asda - once a week gets lamb heart

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Is the bulmers mince a complete meal, or is it just raw meat.
My dog is on raw and it is from Luna and me, which is a complete dog food, which has vegetables and minerals and other things in the balance it out.

Thank you for getting back to us. Like Rebecca, I am unfamiliar with the food you are using. Please can you let us know what the mince contains? It would be useful to know the meat source.