Recently added reviews of new dog food products

David has posted updated the Facebook page about new products that have been added to the Dog Food Directory. I am including it on the forum for those members who don’t visit Facebook or who may have missed it.

[i]New foods are coming out all of the time but the latest releases from some of the dog food industry's newest kids on the block like Guru, Amala, Benyfit and Essential are quite remarkable. Hit 'rank by recently added' on the directory to see the full line up.[/i]

The Guru review is here and is interesting because it is one of a very few cold pressed products. Those of us who have used this type of food know that there isn’t nearly as much choice as with extruded products so it may be welcome to those who prefer dog food that is manufactured at lower temperatures. Their FB page is a bit tricky to find so use the link on their website. It is Guru Pet Foods.

Amala is reviewed here.

Benyfit may be a welcome addition to raw feeders as it is a raw complete preparation.

Essential is dry extruded.

All are given high scores and for that reason may be of interest to our members.

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