Rocco wet dog food

I wonder if anyone can help please I have three chronic pancreatitis dogs and two Pomeranians just over a year with no dietary problems. my dogs recently went off their usual low fat easy digestible food ,I tried Rocco diet care intestinal chicken and parsnip as it says it’s specifically for pancreatitis sufferers. but my question is this
can my pancreatitis dogs stay on this food long term and also would my Pomeranians with no dietary problems be able to eat this long-term as well .obviously it says it’s easy digestible low fat but it does say it has extra electrolytes and things in it so I want to make sure it wouldn’t do any harm long-term to my dogs. I’d appreciate any advice many Thanks Julia

I have no knowledge of that particular food so cannot advise about it. Best to contact the manufacturer’s helpline. David wrote an resource article about pancreatitis and it can be found here. We also have other questions about this and they can be found by using the search box.

A low fat, easy to digest cooked fresh food diet would be appropriate but this would involve sourcing correct recipes which include supplements. If you want more advice about this, have a look in the Home Cooking section. Raw food would arguably be too high in fat.

AADF now has a Facebook Group and it might be worth posting in there if you are a FB member. there could well be some members who have personal experience of dogs with chronic pancreatitis.

Might be worth looking at this video about bone broth as the vet is talking about it being useful in the management of chronic pancreatitis.