Rockster Wet Dog Food

I’m not sure when Rockster ultra premium wet dog food was first introduced into the UK but thought it was worth sharing. It is made in Germany. £4.95 per can.


Have to say that I was shocked at the price. Just taking one product (Birds of a Feather) the ingredient list looks high end:
80.5% Bio-organic chicken and turkey (muscle meat, heart, gizzard, liver)
4% Bio-Zucchini
4% Bio-Mango
4% Bio-Pumpkin
4% Bio-Blueberries
2% Bio-Parsley
1% Salmon oil (pharma grade)
0.5% Bio-Fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate
11%; Crude oils and fats: 5.4%; Crude ash: 1.2%; Crude fibre: 0.4%; Moisture: 81.6%; Calcium: 0.37%; Phosphorus: 0.27%
(Sorry - not worked out the dry weight).

Rockster the ultra premium dog food company have a new website, their new 195g foils will soon be available, also a Bio-Organic Super Bone Broth is to be launched.


Thanks Seaweed, and what a lovely story behind the food! Rockster the dog who was rescued by a couple honeymooning in 2004 (in Italy) sired a litter last August and the “Super Bone Broth was made originally for both the Pawsome Pupsters [his litter] and our own children, to give them a start in life like no other”.

The story drew my eye, alas not the price which sadly puts the food beyond reach for many.