Saving the British Bulldog

A programme “Saving the British Bulldog” BBC1 Wednesday 9.00pm.

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I’ll watch that :frowning:
I saw a lovely Bulldog on Crufts… he had a beautiful face, not exagrated if thats the right wording.

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A very sad situation. My local vet often has posts on facebook describing some of the health problems that they are all too often seeing with this breed and also pugs. In particular the breathing problems sound distressing for both the dogs and owners. :cry: I hope something can be done to alleviate these issues in the future.

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Thanks…I will take a look at the programme.

I had thought there had been some improvements in some lines of British Bulldogs of late.

Without wishing to stray off topic… There can still be healthier examples of breeds prior associated with health issues. (Pug here that will do 4 hour walks without breathing issues).

Bad breeding can cause health issues but obesity can badly impact dogs…especially brachacyphilic breeds.