Subacute Exertional Rhabdomyloysis

I wonder if anyone has come across this condition at all?
My dog Ziggy has presented with this a couple of times now after a run on the beach. I am wondering if there are any foods /diet that would help him with it.
He is a 2 yo Lurcher (Greyhound x Saluki) and just loves running of course! We are very careful about letting him run these days though as it looks like he may be pre-disposed to it.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
I have no experience at all of this condition but a quick read around and it seems that the most important thing would be to prevent too much exertion. Sorry that I can’t help in terms of diet. Was your vet able to give you any advice about what to avoid or feed? Hopefully someone who has experienced this condition may be able to help.

Thankyou TinyPlanets! :slight_smile:

No the vet didn’t know too much either, it’s not very common knowledge. She did suggest making sure he drank a suitable drink afterwards to replenish anything lost. I think they do Recharge for Greyhounds or you can make up your own drink in specified quantities of salt, sugar and water. No advice about diet though.
Apparently it’s the 2nd biggest cause of death in Sighthounds after bloat.

I was wondering if a higher carb diet would be better?

It’s a mystery! :o