The Raw Vet

Launching soon “The Raw Vet” range of raw dog food, including a veterinary range.

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From what I can discern it looks slightly different to other companies because they are addressing specific health needs: Also, some of their products are formulated for cooking. The owner is a practising veterinary surgeon and nutritionist.

The Raw Vet, an update.

The Raw Vet website is now live and taking pre-orders. They have also launched their first in a line of Veterinary recipes “Kidney support for IRIS Stage 1-2”
More on Facebook.

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The Raw Vet have launched the second product in their veterinary range " Low Fat Pancreas and Gut Support", pre orders are now open.

Dogs were originally bred from wolves, so in their natural wild state, dogs eat raw meat products from their kill. This is the basis behind raw home made dog food otherwise known as BARF (biologically approved raw food).

The Raw Vet have launched their new website.