Vet Nick Thompson talks Raw Feeding

The Dog Education Project E2 Nick Thompson Raw Feeding - YouTube


Thank you Seaweed. I have just started to watch it. I hope you don’t mind but I have amended the thread title slightly to include ‘fresh food’ because he is talking about this as well as raw food:

Improving your dogs nutrition could possibly be one of the most important things a vet can ever do for your dog. Holistic Vet Nick Thompson talks to us about his passion to improve canine welfare through **raw and fresh feeding.**
At the beginning of the video he mentions this and includes a reference to Natasha from Butternut Box.

Thank you Dottie, thats better. Good to see Butternut Box there.

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That was a great find Seaweed, thank you.
Certainly picked up a couple of good tips.
So instead of adding peas and carrots (sweet veg’s) to my homecooked I’m going to choose cabbage or another green veg.

I don’t feed any kibble at all now, just something raw in the morning like a chicken thigh, duck neck or a meaty beef or lamb bone and then homecooked in the evening.
The dogs appear to be thriving on it… and best of all clean teeth

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Good post Anita. It’s great to hear that your dog is doing so well on a good diet. :slight_smile:

Nick predominantly talks of raw feeding presumably because it has been around a lot longer than fresh complete food products. Particularly useful is the piece on dental hygiene and kibble (27 minutes). I don’t fully agree with a few of the things he says but there is some good general information about diet and caring for your dog so it is well worth watching. A good link - thank you Seaweed.

Thanks for posting Anita. As Dottie says it’s good to hear your dog is doing so well on a good diet and the added bonus of lovely white teeth.

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There is a useful section on obesity dogs and cats and he mentions the role of carbohydrates and fat in the diet - it is at circa 38 minutes. It is challenging for those of us who have thought that low fat is needed to reduce weight.

Regarding his comments on raw feeding in the presence of immunodeficient persons, it is perhaps useful to check out this study by the University of Liverpool, Institute of Infection and Global Health:

Quote: is recommended that, households which have very young or old members, or those who are immunocompromised and therefore more susceptible to illness should avoid feeding their animals raw meat diets completely.