treats containing garlic


I am interested in your views on garlic.

I hear so many contradictory information … garlic is bad for your dog, garlic is good for your dog … which is it?

I found some amazing dog treats from a company called Doggie Deli. I first saw them at cruft and my dogs absolutely love their liver sausage, but it contains 1% garlic.

Is this bad? And if it is bad, why is this company allowed to sell it?

If you go to the ingredients page of this site, select vegetables, you will find comprehensive information on garlic. It appears to have some very good properties, just not in huge amounts.

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Garlic has been used for centuries in first aid use and as a supplement for dogs. Juliette de Baïracli Levy (Juliette of the Herbs) 1912-2009 mentions Garlic a number of times in her book “The Complete Herbal Book for the Dog” (1955 - 1975). A book that is still sought after today. The Herbal firms, Hilton Herbs and Dorwest Herbs to name just two have been selling Garlic supplements for years. I’m sure an email to them as regards the safety of Garlic and dogs would answer any of your concerns. Used sensibly Garlic can help maintain general health.
There was an important and major breakthrough around 10 to 12 years ago in the Garlic world when the British biochemist Peter Josling and his team managed to find a way of extracting Allicin from Garlic and stabilising it. Allicin is very unstable. They managed to do this in a non toxic way. Stabilised Allicin is for both human and animal use and people use Allicinmax for a range of diseases including skin diseases Many people use Allicinmax as a daily well-being supplement for their dogs, myself included.


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i can understand your concern as i to got confused over garlic’s status in dog food . im lucky to have a sister who just happens to have done animal nutrition ect corses , she reassured me in small amounts garlic is actually very good for dogs , it helps detox the body and repel illness and creepy crawlies. the key is knowing your dogs wayet and size to know how much you can feed them :slight_smile: