Cookies for Dog


We used to give our dog regular meat food but since it’s pandemic overall, so we are getting difficulties, I need to know that can we share human cookies or snacks with them like takis snack bundle, or chocolate cookies, or any similar stuff for the period of time. lest it hurt the pet.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I don’t understand your question. You mention ‘regular meat food’ but also talk about ‘cookies’ which we call biscuits here in the UK. Some people call kibble complete food ‘biscuit’ so I am wondering if you mean this. Assuming that you are talking about giving a biscuit as a snack, it is better to use ones that are properly formulated for dogs. Human biscuits can contain unsuitable ingredients, chocolate and salt being two.

Dogs don’t actually need biscuits as snacks although they can be useful to give last thing at night to stave off biliousness in the morning. Some pet owners prefer to give natural treats eg dried sprats, fish jerky. The dog treat directory is here and contains various options.

i don’t give any sweets to my dog especially if it contains chocolates