Tuggs fresh dog food

Hi Dottie, I am the founder of Tuggs. We’ve updated our recipe info now on the website with the % breakdown. This is subject to a little change, but all will be updated before our launch. We will have at least 60% meat content (meat + insect) and hopefully as much as 75%.

We’re hoping to launch next month - I can keep people updated here if you’d like? We’re just finalising the manufacturing of our first batch :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I have separated your post because this information needs to be an independent, easily identifiable thread.

Thank you for letting us know about your new fresh food product. There are so few on the market so it is interesting to learn of another one. I look forward to hearing more about this enterprise. Please remember to add it to the Dog Food Directory when you launch. You can do this yourself by clicking ‘sign in’, top right of this page.

Tuggs Freshly-Prepared Dog Food

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Welcome 8)

It would be particularly helpful to let us know once your product characteristics are finalised to ensure that the most up-to-date information is showing. I appreciate that it sounds like minor tweaks ahead

Good luck with your new business venture


Looks like Tuggs website is now live.

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Hi guys, we have now launched! You can create a personalised plan for your pooch via the ‘create plan’ button on our website

For a bit more about Tuggs: Tuggs is an award-winning dog food startup creating freshly-prepared dog food in a sustainable way. Our meals are gently cooked as you would in your kitchen using fresh, human-grade ingredients before being frozen to lock in nutrition and delivered right to your door. No nasty additives or preservatives ever, with our secret super power (insects) providing a sustainable edge to our product. Furthermore, our proprietary algorithm and subscription service lets you enjoy personalised health plans for your companions, with tailored meals that help them hit the ideal weight.

Please let me know any questions and I would be delighted to answer them :slight_smile:

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I wish you every success with your new venture. There are so few companies selling fresh cooked dog food. Great to have another one to add to the tiny list. Well done for venturing into this field.

Insect-based dog food brand secures investment from market-leading pet food brand. https://www.petproductmarketing.co.uk/news/insect-based-dog-food-brand-secures-investment-from-market-leading-pet/

Any idea how we can get Tuggs up on the site? I believe from the instant review generator we’ll score 97%!

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Hi Harry and thanks very much for posting!
We’ve got Tuggs on our to-do list but since the list is pretty lengthy and we always want to make sure we’re always providing our visitors with the most relevant info first, we always give priority to brands that receive the most review requests from our site visitors and members. Once Tuggs reaches the top of the list I’ll get in touch and we’ll get your range listed.
Any questions or anything in the meantime, do let me know.
Thanks again and all the best,

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