West highland white terrier

Hi i have three year old West highland white terrier , I wonder what is the best food for him(without chicken )? If anyone has experience I would be grateful!!! Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. For a dog with no specific health issues, It is hard for members to recommend a particular food as all dogs are different and finding one that suits is mostly trial and error. You can look at this thread for advice on how to use the quick search tool and find some different foods. If you find one that you like the look of, feel free to ask about it as some members may have had experience feeding it.

Hello and welcome to the forum. As tinyplanets has said there are too many products for us to advise and you haven’t given us much information. Westies are known to be prone to skin problems so if yours is one of these and it is the reason why you wish to eliminate chicken from the diet, I would suggest that you have a look at this thread. Another useful thread here.

The Dog Food Directory filters will enable you to source a suitable food. Chicken can be eliminated from the results by ticking the appropriate box. When I use the Directory I always place a tick in ‘clearly labelled’ and ‘no red/amber ingredients’.