Chicken/poultry allergy

So my dog vomits if he eats any food or treats that contain chicken.
It’s hard to find because most treats have chicken of some sort and you can buy a beef dry dog food but they still have chicken in them if you look at ingredients. I have fed him Castor & Pollux organic grain free salmon and the Costco brand of beef grain free food.
I’m looking for recommendations for the best dry and/or wet dog food that completely chicken/poultry free. I don’t necessarily want a grain free food after the studies I’ve read lately.
I have a Pomeranian who is about 13lbs and 8 years old.
Suggestions please!

Dog Food Directory.Hello and welcome to the forum. You can easily identify the foods that do not contain chicken by using the filters on the

I always use Properties>clearly labelled, Avoid ingredients>all red/all yellow. You need to add chicken within that section. You can also add duck and turkey if you feel your dog is intolerant of all poultry.

I’ve just used these filters with just chicken ticked and it has returned seven pages. There should be something in there that will meet your budget.