What food now??

I need some help regarding new dog food for my Boo.
She is a 14yr old staffy with newish tummy troubles and most dog foods do not agree with her, after a lot of trials in finding something suitable we found Harringtons grain free and she has never had a problem with it.
Unfortunately we had to cancel our subscription due to non delivery of her food and they informed me that they are struggling to get the ingredients to make it and do not know when production will be back to normal.
You can still buy it some places however the cost has increased due to the lack of supply and high demand.
I am concerned for my little lady not being able to get her food soon and would love recommendations from you all on what you have found that works for any of your little family members that have tummy troubles and need grain free food.
Thank you for your advice and recommendations in advance

Hello. Have you looked at cold pressed foods? They are reputed to be suitable for dogs with the type of problem you describe. We have a thread about these here. The other thing that you could do is to copy the ingredient list and use the information to source something similar using the dog food directory.

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