Wholeprey.com Akela Pistles - product recall and nasty customer service

I received an email re some pistle we had bought - it is under a product recall and they said to dispose of for a full refund. I have complied and have been subject to a nasty chain of emails basically implying that I’m a liar…I refuse to be interrogated any further. Perhaps if they employed this tactic with there suppliers they wouldn’t need to do product recalls?
It seems the £20 on pistle is more important than reputation.
Never again will I order from this company.


Dear Customer,

We are contacting you in regards to your purchase of Pizzle Allsorts 1Kg Bag. It has come to our attention that a foreign object was found within one of the pizzle pieces of the same batch. Although this situation is extremely unusual please carefully check any remaining pieces you may have of this treat or alternatively if you’d prefer to dispose of the product we can offer a full refund. To safeguard our customers we have discontinued this product.

Kind regards,
Jackie Oliver
Suffolk Group
10 Cooke Road
South Lowestoft Industrial Estate
NR33 7NA

Richard: Refund please.

James Wigby: Dear Mr xxxxx Please advise when we can arrange collection.

Richard: We disposed of it. It might be still in the bin if you need?

James Wigby: Dear Mr xxxxx, We have actually now further narrowed the issue down to mixed pizzles dispatched after 15th April being in the same batch as the one with the fault. If the pack in your bin is irretrievable please let us know.

Richard: Yep its gone

James Wigby: Dear Mr xxxxx,
I’ve just seen that your order was placed in on 6th December 2016 with next-day delivery rather than economy so I’m a bit puzzled as to why the pizzles weren’t eaten already?

Hi Richard and welcome to the forum!

After all is said and done dogs could have been seriously ill had they swallowed a “foreign object” and it sounds like the company has acted responsibly in recalling the product and under these circumstances you have acted (rightly) as advised and disposed of the product.

I’d be inclined to contact the company again and mention you have followed their advice to “dispose of the product” and now expect “a full refund” as was offered in their email.

That customer service email is mind blowing. Sorry Richard that you have been treated like that.

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That customer service email is mind blowing. Sorry Richard that you have been treated like that.

Yes and whats worse is its the boss of SuffolkGroup (Akela, Wholeprey and Netpetshop) who is responding!