Aldi dog food

David has a thread running on his Facebook page about Aldi dog food. The brand name is Earl’s. The ingredient lists are very unclear and he has asked Aldi for more information but the company has declined. Some of the participants in that thread have kindly sent in photographs of the bar code, ingredients, analysis and packaging. The other brand is Langhams and this fares a bit better.

If anyone has further information or experiences of these products and would like to share, please add to this thread. The first thing to look for when choosing a suitable dog food is clear labelling. The pet owner should be able to understand exactly what is in the food. Unfortunately that is not the case with some of Aldi pet foods.

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Sorry I’ve no experiences of these particular dog foods. Though surely as a responsible company (and possibly the only company) selling a product, isn’t a company somewhat obliged to be aware of the ingredients in detail, and also to answer customers queries regarding these products, if anything is unclear.

It is important that we are aware of what pet food we are buying and so what we are feeding to our pets; in other words to have clear, accessible information. And in this case, having approached Customer Services and yet unfortunately without receiving the expected further clarification, I’d suggest David might think about an approach to the directors currently registered with Companies House, and readily available in the public domain, using the registered number of the company which for Aldi is stated here: Privacy policy

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Hi. I actually use Aldi, earls dog food (6402) for one of my dogs. Admittedly its the cheap of cheap but she has been on it for years and she is more than happy & healthy. Different things suit different dogs i guess. When we got her 7 years ago, she was on wagg, changed to this and been on it every since.


Do you have a more accurate composition breakdown of this product than what is on the packaging ?

I like to have a reasonable understanding as to composition of what we feed here.

If i am honest… No, I don’t.
I just know my dog has been happy & healthy on it for about 7years now (she’s about 10 now, we had her as a 3 year old).
We don’t have to feed her much atall of it either.

Good to read that your dog currently seems happy & healthy whilst being fed this.

Yup. Things are all good.
She goes ever three months to the vets for check ups as were on a ‘vet scheme’ and they’re very happy with her.

What a stunning head shot!

Yes indeed as you mention “Different things suit different dogs” and it sounds like her food really suits her, which is good to hear.

It’s not always easy to find a food that our dogs enjoy and that continually helps to keep them in peak health. I rather think this responsibility - as one of our many important tasks when caring for dogs - is especially compounded with manufacturers somewhat prone to changing their food recipes. :o

So for example, manufacturers who label their food using ‘categories of feed materials’ rather than ‘individual feed materials’ may have the same labelling though may have made a change to the recipe.

Thus should a dog begin to over-react and so show signs of ill health, then foodwise, (and yes of course there may be other causes) it is nigh impossible to figure the cause, without knowing what ingredient(s) may be the culprit in the food.

Happensd to be in an AlDi store today…for a totally unconnected reason.

Saw Earls on the shelf…I could not find any composition info anywhere on the packaging. If it was there then I must have missed it.

Whilst in store I picked up some fresh kale, sardines & omega 3 for our dogs at reasonable prices.


I am really impressed with Aldi’s range of clearly labelled and healthy food for humans so it is a shame that it doesn’t seem to apply to pet food. I have checked out the bags and haven’t found the information I would need to feel confident feeding it. I do get the Langhams training treats when they are in store but they are not a constant at least not in my local shop.


It is odd that Aldi do so much for human food and fail on many of their dog foods. I don’t know what that says for the company. Despite the fact that some dogs appear to do well on these products, it has not changed my view that it is important to read the ingredient list and know exactly what is in the food. I also want to see that information on their website, so that I can examine the list before purchase.

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