Cookable raw dog food products

I wasn’t sure where to put this because Hug Pet Food products are technically raw. However, there is a difference because they don’t contain bone so can be cooked. It sounds quite innovative and makes fresh cooked food for pets easy to achieve.

The company also sells cold pressed dog food.


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Another cookable raw food product from Poppy’s Picnic - Mighty Mince.

From the website: MIGHTY MINCE is a complete enhanced recipe for pet dogs, super-boosted with oils, seeds and botanicals. These no-bone recipes are safe to cook, giving built-in flexibility. This can be ideal for switching fussy dogs to raw, or for poorly dogs who temporarily need a cooked diet. The bone has been replaced with alternative, natural sources of calcium. Available in 4 varieties: Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Wild Boar.

These seem excellent, but, as with other expensive food, their feeding guide seems on the low side. For an 8kg dog they recommend 168g/day, whereas the calculator here for their mighty mince says 301g - which seems much more accurate. I’ve emailed them about this and also asked them to provide percentages for the rest of the ingredients, as they only give this for the meat content and, for complete transparency, I like to know everything.

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Following this with interest, I think of the two cookable raw products I like the look of Poppys Picnic best and I think it works out a little cheaper than Hug. I have been feeding my girl home cooked minced turkey (7% fat) with some veg or the 5% fat minced beef with some veg which I add to Gentle Cold Pressed Goat. I have been a little concerned that maybe she isn’t getting all the vitamins/minerals she needs by doing this (and cutting down a bit on the Gentle). Maybe this cookable raw complete balance food is the way to go.

My understanding of the enhancement of commercial dog food is that up to 25% of the RDA (but no more) can be replaced with home cooked food without vitamin and calcium supplementation. This was information that I found on one of the Facebook home cooking for dogs groups.

That’s interesting, I haven’t come across that. The amount of Gentle Goat that I was advised to feed is 80g which seems very little and my dog was always letting me know she was hungry. Initially added cooked vegetables but that didn’t seem to be enough and she was going off the Gentle so I have been giving her a scrambled egg or sardine or boiled white fish for one meal, then the cooked meat with most of the portion of Gentle - works out at between 50g - 75g meat and veg with 50g Gentle leaving the rest down in the evening. Trouble is since I had her spayed in May she has become a lot hungrier and practically mugging me for my food so I have given her a bit more and her weight is creeping up a little. She is still slim and I want to keep her that way.

Arden Grange give details of proportions when mixing their wet and dry food which is helpful but I imagine it only applies to their products.