Cotswold Raw

Noticed Cotswold Raw offer a 3kg trial pack including free postage, (Woolcool liner), three active 80/20 mince and three active 80/20 sausage packs, in 500g sizes. This may be the first time I’ve seen raw food packs as low as 3kg, as the norm seems to be 5kg minimum to keep it frozen. Woolcool must be doing it’s job.


A 3kg trial pack as you say Seaweed does seem a bit small to stay frozen. I have not tried Cotswold Raw but in the new year I may do. I recently had a delivery from Naturaw who are also using these wool liners to keep their food frozen and it did work. I had 8kg’s in my box though.


My dog was recently lucky enough to trial Butternut Box’s soon be launched two new varieties and, as it was a trial, the amount sent was just 4 x 400g packs.

Packaged in the usual size box with one ice pack and wrapped in WoolCool, even this small amount of food arrived completely frozen at 11.30am. Once unpacked it thawed pretty quickly so I’m not sure it would have remained frozen all day or in warmer weather but I was impressed with how the WoolCool did the job even with this small pack size.


I had the Butternut Box usual trial, 14 x 500g packs (not the two new varieties). The woolcool worked very well and the food was solidly frozen.

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