Could someone rate this food please

Hi I have my 17 month old bichon and 14 week old maltichon (puppy version) on this food. But increasingly noticing their eyes weeping. I cannot find it in the directory it is my local pet store own brand grain free. Ive included a screenshot

does it actually tell you what ingredients are in it .

I have just found this on line and put the details into the food calculator and it came out as 72%

I suppose 72% is ok. But I’d really prefer it to be higher I guess. Thank you

Hello Flosoup. Your screenshot shows the analytical constituents but not the ingredient list. Please would you be able to post this?

Here is the puppy

Adult one… puppy is the yellow

I have rated the adult version and it returned a result similar to Rebecca’s - it was 70%. There are no red ingredients.

The advice on this website is that the main thing to look for is that the dog is healthy and doing well on it’s food, in which case there would be no need to change food. However, you have mentioned that both your dogs have weeping eyes. This may or may not be due to food intolerance. The first thing to do is to see your vet to have the eyes examined. He or she will probably do a Schirmer test to exclude dry eye. If there are signs of infection antibiotic eye drops should help.

Regarding food, it might be helpful to look for something that is free of chicken, peas and white potato because any of these could be causing the problem. Grain free foods often contain pea derivatives and white potato so if you want to stay grain free look for the ones containing sweet potato only. I have done just a quick search for extruded/baked foods using the filters on the Dog Food Directory and set the rating 75%-100%. I used the filters clearly labelled, exclude red/yellow ingredients, chicken, peas, white potato and it returned only five products, all with a high rating. I didn’t exclude grain. If you are open to foods with grain in them, look for ones that only contain brown rice.

There are some cold pressed foods that meet this criteria but some contain chicken. There are others that contain alternatives such as beef and goat. I searched for just cold pressed and Tribal came up but there may be more.