Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dog Food

Has anyone any experience of this dog food brand or knowledge of it’s ingredients/composition? I’ve attached a screenshot of the ingredients.

It’s not reviewed on the directory and I’m struggling to find independent reviews on it. It’s been recommended to help with my Maltese’s brown tear stains - feedback from other Maltese owners on another forum say it’s really helped them with the problem and looking at the product description it’s supposed to be a balanced kibble to give the right composition of tears and prevent the overproduction of “Porphyrins” that cause the brown staining. Apparently chicken is the worst offender for this!

One of the ingredients (dynamic micronized clinoptilolite) I have no idea what it is. Wondering whether to give it a try or go with a different fish based brand like Akela or Eden that get decent ratings on the directory? I guess I’d feel more at ease if there’d been a review done on it.


I don’t know that ingredient, but I try to feed my dog ​​with as many natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

Hello. I don’t have any experience of those foods. You can copy and paste the ingredient list into the Instant Review Generator to obtain a nutritional score. Tear staining is a common problem in white dogs so it is not breed specific.

If don’t know what dynamic micronized clinoptilolite is either but the first principle in selecting a dog food is that the ingredient list should be crystal clear. If you are not sure about an ingredient, choose something else.

Your dog’s tear staining might improve with a more natural diet. A good quality wet food, raw or freshly cooked food is worth exploring, along with daily cleaning of the eye area.

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