Finding the right food for my pup

Hello to you all I have a 5 month old Parson Jack Russell his name is Milo. For anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a parson terrier and Jack Russell is Parson’s have longer legs they also have various type coats.

Milo is my 4th puppy and I have not had a problem with my previous dogs regards too feeding. He is absolutely adorable, but he can be quite a nervous pup, his poo’s are too soft, suffers travel sickness, tries to lunge after cars, and has swallowed my sock. I am now feeding him on Wainwright grain free, which is helping with his poo’s.

I was told to muzzle him by my vets because he does try and eat everything tissues, bark, etc when he is out he loves playing with other dogs which I thought would help with his confidence but he hates wearing it. So you can see he is quite a challenge. One pet shop recommended Burns mini, but not sure, the Wainwrights grain free seems to have a good rating whereas the Burns not so. Any help would be appreciated.

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The smaller of two dogs here is on wainwrights wet trays…I mention the wet trays specifically as composition varies not only between type (wet vs dry complete) , & primary ingredients but also between pouches & trays, puppy & adult foods…& thats before you look at grain free and grain inclusive. Wainwrights foods can have significant differrences.

We find the wainwrights salmon & potato trays good but what suits one dog might not suit another. If you are happy enough with your dog on the wainrights I see no reason to change.

As for muzzling a reckless scavenger…assuming no aggression issues I would want to exhaust training methods before using a muzzle. Not a training guru here but I would be leash walking in a controlled environment perhaps leaving relatively harmless targets suitably deposited so I could walk dog by same, correcting lunges and praising when he ignors items. Training in decent leave or give commands might help also. i doubt a food change will assist the behaviour although some bad foods can influence it.

I much prefer the parsonage JRT…ironically & based on limited interactions I have generally found them to be calmer, less yappy & less dog aggressive than many traditional JRT’s I see out & about on walks.


It sounds like the food is helping if his stools are improving. That being the case, like Coaster says, it might be worth sticking with it if he continues to do well.

Milo sounds a lot like my dog who has also eaten a sock before now! She is pretty good at ‘leave it’ but sometimes I have to be very quick getting it out and on occasion, she goes deaf. I am not sure how you will cope as he goes off his lead. I have to keep mine on as she has disappeared chasing small furries a couple of times. Still she is on a long lead and I have to be quite watchful. She has improved dramatically with age.

From what I have read about using muzzles, it is important to introduce them gradually and make it a positive thing. EG by leaving treats in the muzzle but not initially putting it on.

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