Heating up Fleischeslust dog food

Hi Everyone,

I am new in this forum and looking for some advise…

I have a 9months old pomeranian who is very selective with food and its the cold days, he will not eat anything that makes him feel more cold… I feed him Fleischeslust’s fresh meat food and he used to like it but recently he is only eating 1/3 of his meal. I have not fed him more or changed anything.

Then I decided to warm slightly his meal to around 25degrees and he started eating again but after a week he started getting diaheera… not sure if this caused it??

So my main question is if anyone can tell me if Fleischeslust fresh meat food can be heated up? I am actually planning to make it like 70degrees, so it smells nicer and hopefully he will start eating again!

Any help and advise is much appreciated!


Thank you so much Meg, I will contact them and find out and let you guys know too :slight_smile:

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Heating food tends to make it more aromatic. This could be why your dog likes it to be warmed. Personally, I wouldn’t be inclined to heat raw food due to possible bacteria but it will be interesting to hear what the company says about this. Some wet foods can be safely warmed up so that might be worth looking into. Naturediet say that their wet food can be warmed. Another option is to feed a home cooked diet but this needs to be done with care so it is well balanced.

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They got back to me and was actually more concerned about my dog getting diarrhea instead… I pretty much copy and pasted my original post and emailed them…

I guess they are more worried that my dog got ill rather than my main question, but I still managed to get it out of them… The answer is No because it will lose it’s nutrition value and the food should only be put out for 30mins before it goes to the bin

Many thanks, I hope this will help others on the forum if they have similar inquiries later

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Thank you for updating your thread. I thought about heat reducing the nutrients but I was more concerned about the diarrhoea. It sounds as if your Pom is not really enjoying raw food - that isn’t so unusual. If you decide to change product, the Dog Food Directory can help you choose a suitable one.

Thanks Dottie! My dog is definitely not a food dog, his priority is on playing with me more… I have tried a few different food (dry and wet) and he will eat it first few days then slowly lose interest in them… Sorry can you send me the link for the Dog Food Directory? I will definitely take a look and see if I can something long lasting for him

The Fog Food Directory is here. The filters on the left hand side are used to narrow down the search. Wet food tends to be better for picky dogs but dry food can be soaked in warm water to make it more palatable. Some products have different varieties within one range - maybe one of those might be useful so that your Pom doesn’t get fed up.

Thanks Dottie and Meg for all the help and advise so far, you have been very helpful.

We usually buy all the different meats from Fleischeslust and rotate them around so he doesn’t get bored either but it doesn’t seem to work… Even with the treats that he likes, if its not broken up into small pieces he will give up after like 20 seconds…

I will take some time use your method to monitor closely what he likes and dislikes and checkout the Dictionary and hopefully we fix this problem!