hi my name is Paul. i am planning to visit several cities in laos, cambodia and vietnam with a local travel agency vietnam. Ideally i would like to bring my dog with me. i have found lodging options in all three countries. however i am not so sure yet how difficult/easy is the entry into these countries with a pet. I also wonder if the pet limits me in taking public transportation to move around…. :-* :-* :-* :-*

Hello Paul - welcome to the forum. I cannot help you with advice about travel arrangements for your dog. This forum is specifically for cat and dog nutritional issues but I will leave your post here in case anyone sees it and can advise. Personally I would give a lot of thought to the dog’s welfare in making such a journey and would come to the conclusion that it would be best (and safest) to leave him at home. In some cultures dogs are not approved of. Also there may be feral dogs that could infect your dog. Diet and veterinary care need to be considered too.

Hello my dear friend, nice to meet you, i`m new here also!