Hi from me (and the gang)

My name is Correna, I am owned by Leila who is a rescue: ex-puppy farm breeding bitch, Dexter: also a rescue, long story with him; he is Spanish, was in a pound, brought to the UK by a couple who had him 4 days then decided they no longer wanted him (he has some issues), put into foster care as all the rescues were full and he was going to be put down, then found his way to me.
I also have an African grey parrot and some bonkers chickens, but have kept numerous species all my life) mostly waifs and strays!).
I am mostly a stay at home slave to my animals lol, I cannot work full time due to my health, but among other things I am a holistic animal therapist, and an assistant canine behaviourist. Hoping to further my studies when I can get the funds together to become a fully qualified canine behaviourist, I am addicted to learning about animals!

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Hello Correna. It was interesting to read your very interesting post, in particular your background of holistic therapies for dogs. Look forward to hearing more as I have no idea what this entails, How good of you to rescue your dogs - it sounds like they have a happy life now. Hope they get on with the parrot and chickens - mine would probably try to nab them! LOL

Hi Correna and a huge welcome to the forum! I really admire all recipients of rescue animals but your history is particularly inspiring. I really look forward to reading your posts and getting your take as a holistic therapist and behaviourist!

Thanks for the welcomes :slight_smile:
To address a couple of points… I was fostering for our local shelter, but when we handed over a gorgeous terrier pup to his new (wonderful) family, Leila was incredibly depressed so that’s kind of how we ended up with dexter! As I can’t really foster now with two dogs and Dexter’s issues I volunteered to do some holistic therapies for the shelter with the dogs in kennels as an aid to relaxation, just as a way of giving something back. They love it!
When I did my training, I chose to specifically train to work on animals (although I can treat humans too). I do reiki, relaxation massage, crystal therapy, animal communication and EFT/meridian therapy which is a bit like acupressure, but rather than using pressure you use a light tapping motion on the meridian points. I tend to focus on the reiki, massage and EFT side of things, as they really do aid relaxation. Would love to do Ttouch as well, it’s that lack of money thing again lol!
The behaviourist I’ve been working with has a huge range of qualifications in holistic therapies and I find it all fascinating.

The dogs are actually pretty good with the parrot and chickens, the birds were here first, so that might have helped!

I’d also love to set up as a dog bakery, as I am always making treats for my two and their friends, but it all seems a bit of a minefield to be honest!

That sounds great - lucky dogs! My friend is having Reiki on her Cairn who is sadly terminally ill due to a tumour. She feels that it is helping him and at the very least she is trying to make his life more comfortable so that’s got to be good.

Hi Correna
How lovely to read your post. The dogs are lucky to be with you!
I have a friend who is a Trust Technique Practitioner. She works with horses a lot, but does also work with dogs. It is all very interesting and she has produced some amazing results.
I look forward to seeing your posts.
Good luck.
Louise :slight_smile: