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After looking online for an affordable, good quality, dry dog food I came across Harringtons Just 6 Lamb and vegetable,
I copied and pasted the ingredients directly off the Harringtons bag on their site, into the instant review and it had a rating of 86% which I was quite pleased with.
However when I checked on here for this product it has a rating of only 72% so I printed off both sets of ingredients and the ones on this site slightly deviate from the actual ones on the Harrington just 6 site.
I am now wondering which is the correct score and why?

All about dog food has put the ingredients on here differently to what is on the actual bag ?

I will attach both sets of ingredients below. The first is the list of ingredients from the Harringtons Just 6 Lamb bag, the second is as the ingredients have been put on the All about dog food site.

Sometimes the manufacturers adjust the recipe and David doesn’t get the information although they can update it themselves. I will send him in email to ask him to update it but it might be a little while before he can attend to it as he is very busy at the moment.

Thank you dottie it will be interesting to see if it does now have the higher rating

Hi Flin and great question.

The ingredients list we have for Harringtons Just 6 Lamb is correct - it’s actually the same as the one printed on the packaging only with some of the marketing nonsense removed. I’ll show you what I mean:

Take a look at the official ingredients list as printed on the bag:

  • Lamb (35%, 50.3% Freshly Prepared Lamb in the Slow Baked Kibble* 10.1% in overall blend 24.9% Lamb Meal)
  • Vegetables (35%, 21% dried sweet sweet potato, 14% dried peas),
  • Potato (21% dried potato),
  • Salmon Oil (4%),
  • Vegetable Jus (2.4%),
  • Vitamin & Mineral supplement.

The “50.3% Freshly Prepared Lamb in the Slow Baked Kibble” is totally meaningless since the slow baked kibble only constitutes around one fifth of the total recipe. The actual percentage of freshly prepared meat used in the food (before processing) is just 10.1%.

While a lot of manufacturers employ spin tactics on their ingredients lists, this trick takes things to the next level. Unfortunately, our algorithm isn’t able to deal with this particular tactic just yet so in order to get an accurate reading from the review generator you will have to manually adjust the first line of the ingredients list to what it should be (“Lamb 35% (24.9% Lamb Meal, 10.1% Freshly Prepared Lamb)”) before hitting go.

I hope that helps.


Thank you David
So your reading on here and not the one on the Bag is the accurate one? Its 72% and not the 86% that the bag reading gives ?
If that’s the case then not such a good food after all

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Yes indeed, 72% is the correct nutritional rating.


Thank you for the explanation David. To say I am confused is an understatement. How on earth are people to fully comprehend what that actually means. When I use the filters I always tick ‘clearly labelled’ - I hope that this will remove products with this type of obscure information.

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Yes indeed it does Dottie. The only reason for manufacturers to label their ingredients in this way is to pull the wool over customers eyes. Needless to say, we are not fans and we do not award the ‘clear labelling’ logo to any foods where the practice has taken place.