Irish Terrier puppy - loose stools on Eden

When we got our puppy at 10 weeks old he was being fed Hills Science plan. Having visited this website and researching food we decided to switch him to Eden based on its content and price. Our dog is now 6 months old but experiencing loose stools. His coat is looking great and he is neither under or overweight (14kg). I know we can reduce his food to see if this will improve his stools but given he is normal size I am wondering about changing his food. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum. The problem that you describe has been noted in the product review which can be found in the Dog Food Directory
here. In that review David suggests that pet owners contact the company if loose stools/diarrhoea occurs.

Are you weighing the food and giving the correct amount? Sometimes dogs need smaller quantities when fed high quality food. If you prefer to change product, please let us know and we can help you source something via the Dog Food Directory.

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Hi Lisa
Do you have a Glen of Imaal terrier?
(Being nosy as I had one for 16 years)

We weigh out his food and have reduced it by 10% as well but his stools are still soft. The first one in the morning Is generally ok but others not so good. I do not want to reduce his food any further as his body shape and condition is good. Eden have suggested trying a different flavour. He is currently on their working dog original cuisine which I believe is the same as their original cuisine minus VAT. We want to feed Carrick on a grain free food.

Anita - he is 6 month old Irish Terrier. A firey redhead

It sounds as if Carrick could use more fibre in his diet. If you are willing to forgo grain free products, recipes containing brown rice would help to provide this. Arguably, it might also be useful to look for something with a lower protein, maybe circa thirty percent. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of dogs who are unable to tolerate high protein, high quality dry food.
The other thing that might be worth thinking about is quality wet food but this can be a little pricey.

Thanks Dottie.
I have just been reading about the pets at home AVA food which looks good so might give that a try. Will look at the protein level first.

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Lovely, I love the old Irish breeds. I hope things are working out regarding the feeding :slight_smile:

Just to say that my dog copper who is a red setter , had the same symptoms on dried foods , loose stools, and upset tummy, I found out that he was better on wet food , than dry. He is now on raw for one meal and pure dog food for the other meal which he is much better on.
I hope that you can sort out his food issues . :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Rebecca. I’m glad you have found a solution that works for you and all is going well. I’m personally not a great fan of all dry diets. Stunning dogs Red Setters… l don’t think you see them around as much as you did a few years ago :slight_smile: