LIDL's 59% Animal Dry food

Hi all,

New to the forum here.

Does anyone have any experience with lidls 59% animal ingredients? Beef dry food, and their 58% Chicken dry food?

I understand Lidl isint exactly known for its dog food but im curios that maybe someone with more nutrition knowledge could perhaps take a look at their dry food.

Both the beef and chicken are grain free, currently selling for £3.00 for 1500g bags.

Im unable to find an ingredients list online but i may pop in to Lidls and take a photo.

Hello and welcome to the forum. We have had the same problem with Aldi pet foods ie there are no ingredient lists online so we were unable to give the products a nutritional rating or review. They could only be obtained from the packets so David put a call out on the Facebook page for photographs and people responded. If you could do that and post it here we can put the list into the Instant Review Generator.

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