Most Viewed

I don’t know if this is a thought shared by anyone else, but I quite liked the little panel at the top of the food directory showing the most viewed, etc.

Also, I wondered if it might be possible to have some sort of panel or search option to show newly updated or added foods.

Anyway, just my little quibbles, and the site is pretty slick and easy to navigate. So we’ll focus on that. :slight_smile:

Hi Psychedelic and apologies for taking so long to reply. Just got back from a weekend away.

I did actually include that panel originally but the page looked a bit too busy for my liking so I thought it would be better to incorporate the functions into the ‘rank by’ option. For example, you can select to rank the results by most views - all of the results instead of the first 9 as was the case with the old panel. I haven’t yet added the rank by recent updates option but it is in the pipeline.

Thanks very much for the feedback, I rally appreciate it! It’s your site so if you spot anything else that could be improved or anything that frustrates you at all, be sure to let me know.