Naturea Light and Senior - can't find a supplier?

I’ve been trying to find this food for our 13 yr old Border Collie, but can’t find a supplier. Our local pet shop can’t find it in their distributors and when I tried to buy from a major online retailer, the sale was cancelled. Any suppliers out there? We are in the south Lakes in Cumbria. Thanks in advance Finn-the-Dog

Hello and welcome to the forum. Coincidentally, some time ago I was looking at this product for my dogs so I know that it is not widely available. The company headquarters are in Santarém, Portugal. The review on the Dog Food Directory is here.
The Directory lists these companies who sell Naturea. There are two in Preston so perhaps you could telephone one of them and ask for a bag to be posted.

Naturea Light and Senior 2kg (£18.99) and 12kg (£69.99) free postage, appear to be in stock at Posh Pets, Stoke on Trent. How these prices compare to others suppliers I do not know.

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Thanks both for your replies.

Dottie - I did try the two suppliers near Preston but Naturea food is not listed in their online shops, though it’s true I didn’t telephone to check.

Seaweed - thanks for the Posh Pets link, I’ll try that now. Though I can’t imagine our Finn as a ‘posh pet’ :slight_smile:

I’ll post again if I get a successful order in.

Appreciate you both taking the time to reply

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Thank you. I hope that you manage to get some of this food. I would be very interested to hear how you get on with it. If you don’t have any success with that company, maybe try Scampers in Soham - their details are on that list.

HI, I have just checked with the sole distributor of Naturea and they are out of stock of the Senior/Light version. I hope this is of some help.

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