Neilbull Bulldog Food

Hi All
I’m in need of some help.
I’ve been feeding my 2 x 11month old Lab x Staff with Markus Muhle for quite some time now with no probems exept recently they seem to be uninterested in it. Either eating very little or nothing at all for the whole day.
A friend of mine buys her 2 dogs food from Neilbull Bulldogs - he has a website which states that he breeds & shows champion bulldogs and has developed this food especailly. I am unable to include the link in this thread but it’s easy enough to find.

I got a bag to try it (it’s extrememly cheap at £17 for a sack that looks to be around 12-15kg but the sack is clear with no information whatsoever) but it feels rather inferior to the Markus Muhle, although the dogs seem to like it and eat it failry quickly.

I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this food or if anyone knows anything about it?
Are my dogs eating it because it’f full of sugar etc. or is it a decent food.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Is this the one? It seems to fit your description. If it is, then it does not give the nutritional information that is required to make an assessment. We need the ingredient list and analysis. It appears to be a white label product - for a description of this, see here. The white label ones that I have seen at about this price are not good and they are often not clearly labelled either. It is cheap and sometimes you get what you pay for. However, If you continue to feed it you will know in a few weeks if it is suiting the dogs by their condition and by the output.

If you could let us have a full list of the ingredients (percentages if it has them) and analysis it would be helpful. It is a shame that the dogs went off Markus Muhle because it is a good food. I am wondering if you are over feeding?

Looking at the photo in your link, Dottie, the first 2 ingredients appear to be: Cereals, Meat & Animal Derivatives…

If that’s correct, it’s rubbish :frowning:

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Well spotted George - not surprising either at that price.
Sheldancer - re-reading your post I see that you have not been able to get the ingredient list. Personally, I would not feed my dogs with anything that is not clearly labelled - it is the first principle of selecting a dog food (IMHO). You seem to be uneasy about using it but if you do continue, perhaps you could email the seller to confirm what is in it? He or she ought to know.

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Hello and welcome to the forum Sheldancer,

I don’t have any knowledge of this particular food but I have learned from this site ,that it is important to understand labelling and ingredients. Often, as others have said, vague labelling may indicate poor quality ingredients.

This may not always be the case but personally, If the labelling is unclear, I would avoid feeding it.

My dog did very well on Markus Muhle but I felt she should have some variety. I still feed cold pressed food (Gentle at the moment ) but I also feed nutriment and natures menu.

Did you weigh the MM before serving. Just wondering because it is denser than most dry food and it is so easy to put too much down. I had to get used to the smaller looking portion when I first changed and made sure I always weighed it out. As Dottie pointed out, overfeeding may cause them to leave it at times.

The label complies with all regulations. Cereals, Meat & Animal Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Oils & Fats, Vitamins & Minerals - it’s Bakers without the colours, antioxidants and added sugar - avoid!


Wow Thanks everyone, although I am a little concerned now. :-[
Think I’ll try to contact them to see if they’ll give me any info but also in the meantime I’ll try feeding a combination of both MM & the other until it’s gone as I simply can’t afford to waste it.

Regarding MM I did weigh it and tried to work out how much they should be having according to their weight and age (they are approximately 11 months old and Sid is around 35kg while Bonnie is about 28kg) and they used to eat it all with no problems but maybe as they don’t have so much growing to do now their appetite has decreased…
So glad I asked and thanks to you all for your helpful advice. :smiley:

So, it’s animal, vegetable and mineral then. Sounds as though there isn’t a single substance in the known universe that couldn’t be in there…

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