Hi everyone,
Another newbie to the forum.
I am in a quandary of what to do. we have 8 dogs (yes you read right 8 lol) must be mad. we feed Dr johns silver and have done for years and dogs are in tip top condition. we also give raw as well not every meal but a couple of times a week. Im just having a real issue with my hubbys 8 month old pup . I’ve never known a dog so dirty as in does nothing but poop. his kennel is always a disgusting mess. Any recommendations on alternate dry food as obviously he is not tolerating this food. I will not entertain the likes of iams etc or justify the stupid prices. each to there own I guess. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

I used the filters on the home page to enter a budget similar to your present food and the top rated food which came up (4.5) was Markus Muhle . I have fed this before without any problems. It does contain Maize grain but according to the review, the fact that it has been thermally treated may make it easier to digest. It is for any age group too so should be suitable for pups.

The next two foods were chudleys puppy junior rated 3.4 and Alpha sporting puppy rated 3.3. I have no experience with these but the directory states that they both contain common allergy causing ingredients.